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amerigas vs blue rhino: Is it a Good Deal to “Exchange” Your Propane Tanks?


Unless it’s an oversight, most people don’t let their propane tank completely run empty. This means that exchange customers have to guess when their tank is almost empty. When one tank runs out, don’t swap it out at a gas station or whatever. Instead check with your local U-Haul, Ready Rents, and other places that refill propane tanks. Usually it will be significantly cheap to refill, plus they fill the entire tank vs. swapped thanks that usually come out of the box with ~15lbs in a 20lb tank.

Only official editions of the Federal Register provide legal notice to the public and judicial notice to the courts under 44 U.S.C. 1503 & 1507.Learn more here. As for me, the only way I’ll be investing in propane is to put a canister of it under the grill. Here’s which of these propane suppliers is the better buy.

  • A gallon of propane weighs about 4.2 pounds, so Blue Rhino’s 15 pounds is 3.6 gallons of fuel.That’s a lot less than 4.7 gallons.
  • Now, before getting too upset, a slightly under-filled tank is not a concern, IF you are only charged for the propane received.
  • I go to Lowes or someplace like that because I have faith that it’s a tank in decent condition and it’s actually full.
  • Consumers typically purchase these prefilled tanks at home improvement stores, hardware stores, mass merchandisers, supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations.

Write this weight on the tank for future use when you weigh with the same scale. In order to get flow IN to a TS2 valve, a magnetic key must be inserted into the indentation to hold a steel ball out of the way. I had posted this information on the Appliances forum in a thread about gas grills.

Get consumer protection basics, plain and simple

If you’ve been harmed or cheated by a company, we’ll help assess the facts and build a plan of action. I had that filled a few times and exchanged it out another time with another company because I couldn’t find a place to fill tamks. BR tanks are under the same standards as any other tank.

The bleeder valve is opened when filling allowing some gas to escape, and a bit of liquid when full. It’s possible Ferrellgas could reinstate its distribution if — in the words of Ferrell — it can “find an acceptable solution to the MLP bond covenant,” but there’s no indication of what that solution might be. The partnership’s market cap has now dropped so low (to $166.1 million, compared to its enterprise value of $2.2 billion) that raising money through an equity offering doesn’t seem possible. If you own your tank, you don’t have to worry about getting a questionable exchange. I still have an old rusty tank I was hoping to exchange, but I recall reading Blue Rhino locks you in with a proprietary valve.


In addition to AmeriGas and Blue Rhino, the indirect purchasers also filed a complaint against the businesses that sold them the propane tanks in 2008, including Lowes and Walmart. The documents posted on this site are XML renditions of published Federal Register documents. Each document posted on the site includes a link to the corresponding official PDF file on govinfo.gov. For complete information about, and access to, our official publications and services, go to About the Federal Register on NARA’s archives.gov. Exchange prices vary a lot in my town, from $14.99 at a grocery store to $28.99 at a hardware store and a gas station.

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At that same Shell station was one of the exchange tank systems, in this case, Blue Rhino. I have no objection to that company, but know that what Blue Rhino offer is convenience — not a great price on fuel. One other thing you should know about Blue Rino is that they don’t fill the tanks to their designed capacity. They will tell you that they can only fill to no more than 80% capacity and this is a true statement. Until the ACFR grants it official status, the XML rendition of the daily Federal Register on FederalRegister.gov does not provide legal notice to the public or judicial notice to the courts.

If your RV uses a traditional grill tank, Blue Rhino’s more than 54,000 convenient locations have the propane you need. Further, the judge found that the indirect purchasers had failed to demonstrate that all end customers across the numerous proposed Classes had been overcharged. Now, I see a market for a Male-Male BlueRhino filler mechanism. I envision some sort of threadolet welded into the side of the bottle with all-thread stand-off brackets .

Aha, they used to put in 17 pounds until 10 years ago; and that was almost 3 pounds less than a full cylinder. The sad part is very few people even know they are buying an exchange tank that is only 75% full. The cost is minimal.Filling a propane tank today got us 4.7 gallons at $2.99 per gallon, for the princely sum of $14.05.

It seems like Blue Rhino sells at a lot of gas stations around here, so I’ve been using them more lately. That seems funny, I never click “About” unless I am an unhappy customer trying to get a hold of someone to resolve a problem. If you prefer to have a Blue Rhino with a standard OPD valve , simply check the valve.

If you don’t want 15 pounds but want 20 pounds, you can go wherever you want that fills them to 20 pounds. “the tanks are actually 25-pound tanks that can only be filled to 20 pounds. Heck, they could be filled to 10 pounds if that is what people or the company want. I have worked at a refill station for 10 years now and I can’t tell you how many complaints we get about Blue Rhino tanks. I was surprised to learn that those small propane exchange bottles are rarly sold full. The gas company adjusts how much goes in depending on how much the retailer wants to sell the exchange for and the price of propane on the day they are filled.

Top Propane Retailers: 2023 national retailer ranking – LP Gas magazine

Top Propane Retailers: 2023 national retailer ranking.

Posted: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

They are refilled from a fork lift propane tank, which is designed to deliver liquid propane. Purchasing a fork lift tank (if you are like me you probably don’t have one) makes it expensive, however. It’s usually cheaper to just get them refilled if you have that available as an option nearby. Locally, I can get mine refilled at B.J.’s for either $9.99 or $10.99 (I can’t remember which it is), and I can get it refilled at a hardware store for about $14.

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Blue Rhino accepts any brand of tank, so all you have to do is drop your empty tank beside the display, have a store employee swap your tank for a full one or two, and enjoy the rest of your day. Prior to its suspension, Ferrellgas was offering a double-digit yield, higher than AmeriGas’ current 9.4% yield and much higher than that of other energy MLPs whose fundamentals are stronger. Nothing like hitting up the swapper place and hearing that they are out.

exchange the tank

I’ve gotten tanks home before and using the very inexact weight gauge on my Weber it tells me I have a half full tank and it certainly seems to run out faster. I go to Lowes or someplace like that because I have faith that it’s a tank in decent condition and it’s actually full. Also from what I have seen, they all take each other’s tank.

Celebrate Earth Day with the clean energy of propane!

If you pay for 20 lbs don’t get 20 lbs, you are getting ripped off and that company is unscrupulously profiteering out of your wallet. With the price of gasoline falling like it has now may be a good time for me to check the bulk prices and consider filling my tank again. You wouldn’t go to your local gas station and expect last month it cost me $30.00 to fill up my car, this time it should cost the same $30.00, not $45.00. You may be entitled to get back up to a $12.50 check from this AmeriGas & Blue Rhino Propane Settlement if you are eligible!

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There was no allegation in the complaint that the parties agreed in any way on the pricing of the lesser-filled propane tanks. Walmart was free to negotiate prices or any other price element with the parties. Yet, there is no allegation that Walmart tried but was unable to re-negotiate the price of the tanks with each of the parties. They claimed that they were doing an incredible service to customers by not having to raise the price. After complaints, they do now list that the tanks are filled to 15 lbs, but very few people are going to realize this. ” Ask 20 people who exchange a blue rhino vs amerigas tank, and I’ll bet 18 of them don’t realize that the tank is under filled, even if they do read the “notice”.

If the amerigas vs blue rhino looks rusty, but still has the proper valve on it, then I exchange the tank for a nicer one. It’s nice not to run out of gas in the middle of bbq chicken. A propane cylinder should be marked with it’s water capacity in pounds, and also the tare weight. A common 20 pound cylinder might be marked WC 47.8 TARE 18.0. A tank so marked can safely be filled with a full 20 pounds of propane, if the OPD allows.

Blue Rhino and AmeriGas Agree to Settle FTC Claims of Propane … – Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

Blue Rhino and AmeriGas Agree to Settle FTC Claims of Propane ….

Posted: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 08:00:00 GMT [source]

If they took their tank to an exchange, they’d be giving away that remaining propane, he said. Backyard grillers who found themselves a little short on flame in recent years may have been burned by Blue Rhino and AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange, the two leading suppliers of propane exchange tanks. If you remember from the “Are we out of propane again” post, a 5 gallon tank (a.k.a. as a 20# cylinder) holds approximately 19.88 pounds of propane, which is about 4.7 gallons. At $3.45 per gallon, it would cost $16.22 to fill an empty tank.

A propane tank for a house prices between $four hundred and $seven-hundred for a 100-gallon tank and $1,200 to $1,800 for a 500-gallon above-ground tank. When you are ready to get rid of an unwanted or expired propane tank, it’s important that you do it the right way to keep everyone safe. Propane tanks can’t be thrown away in your regular trash pickup, but we’re here to make disposal easy.

You can’t unilaterally decide to sell smaller quantities of gasoline at the same price and call them “gallons”. Webster defines full as “containing as much or as many as is possible or normal” 20-lb LP cylinders are engineered to safely hold 20 lbs of propane. Any reasonable person would assume that “full”means it has 20 lbs. Agreements that restrict output or other terms of sale also fall in theper secategory.

Many a family BBQ has been interrupted by a quick trip to get more propane. They’re worth about two cents a pound right now at places that buy scrap metal. You have to screw the valve out first, or drill or saw a hole in them before they are acceptable as scrap.

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